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GL08 glow pigment pink red glow in the dark 10 grams in one jar

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    glow pigment

    Product:  glow pigment 

    Size:ultra powder    (thickness: 20um)

    Material: Eco-Friendly, PET

    Color: pink red    MOQ: could be sell 100 grams 200 grams  each color 

    Description:minous powder, commonly known as luminous powder, is usually divided into two types: light-induced energy storage luminous powder and radioactive luminous powder. Light-induced energy storage luminous powder is a phosphor that stores light energy after being irradiated by natural light, fluorescent light, ultraviolet light, etc., and then slowly releases it in the form of fluorescence after stopping the light irradiation, so at night or in dark places , You can still see the light, the duration is as long as several hours to ten hours.

    Important note:

    1, product images for the camera, we try and in-kind shooting, due to different brand display, or cell phone to check the color will be different, please in kind prevail.

    2, clear order please be sure to fill in the recipient's detailed address and receiving phone calls, let us send the products smoothly to where you are, if caused by the receipt information is not written in a clear product cannot be sent to you smoothly or lost, we will not undertake any responsibility

    How does the luminous glitter comes from?

    1、Is the luminous powder organic or inorganic?

    Inorganic. The main components of luminous powder are rare earth, silicon oxide and strontium carbonate.

    ​2、Is luminous powder natural?

    No, the luminous powder is a product of the changing demands of production and manufacturing, and it is manufactured by modern technology.

    2、Is luminous powder poisonous?

    The current luminous powders are basically light-induced energy storage luminous powders, which are the process of light absorption and light emission, which is environmentally friendly and safe. Early luminous powder was radioactive luminous powder, that is, it can emit light without energy storage. The production process of this kind of luminous powder is complicated, harmful and dangerous, and it is basically eliminated. Although the luminous powder is non-toxic, just like the respiratory tract cannot inhale dust, you need to wear a mask when entering the luminous powder production workshop to prevent discomfort.

    3、What luminous color does the luminous powder have?

    Yellow-green is currently popular on the market because of its many varieties and the brightest light. Other colors include blue-green, sky blue, purple, yellow, etc., and there are also colored luminous powders, but they are added with pigments. The manufacturer modulates according to the colors required by customers. This general color with pigments will be lower. It overcomes the shortcomings of a single product in the market.

    5、Is luminous powder waterproof?

    Traditional luminous powder is not waterproof. If you want to use it for water-based coatings, you can use waterproof luminous powder. The manufacturer wraps a special inert substance on the surface of the powder. The waterproof luminous powder will not decompose when placed in the water for half a year, nor will it affect the brightness.

    6、Does the luminous powder expensive?

    Luminous powder is measured in kg.

    7、Where can luminous powder be applied?

    Injection molding, screen printing, ink paint, ceramics, mosaics, signs, surface painting, spraying, silicone, glass, luminous film, etc. In fact, as long as you observe carefully, you will find that luminous powder is used in all aspects of our lives, such as going to the toilet in the dark at night, it is easy to find a light switch, because there is a glowing powder in the switch sign.

    8、Is the luminous powder temperature resistant?

    Luminous powder generally can withstand temperature above 800℃. If it is used on the ceramic surface that needs to be fired, you can choose the corresponding high temperature resistance such as Juliang Optical JPG-394, which can withstand temperature of 1150℃


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