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KK300A 3mm Wholesale new star shape glitter for craft decoration

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    Color: yellow   material: BOPET

    TEMP: 180 C-200 C

    Range Of Application:Nail Art,Christmas Gifts,Apparel Printing,Toys,Writing ,Leather CoatingMaterials,Handicraft,New Year Picture Accessories,Gretel Leather,etc


    Size: 6mm   It can produce (3mm 50u )

    Color hollow star shape glitter

    Whether To Customization :YES

    Application Notes

    1.  In the application process, grinding and high-speed dispersion shall be avoided, which will damage the final effect of glitter powder;

    2.Try to avoid mixing with opaque solid pigments with high hiding power, which will reduce the application effect of glitter powder;

    3.Store in a ventilated environment, away from direct sunlight and combustible materials, avoid contact with corrosive liquids, keep the packaging in good condition, and do not expose the product packaging bag mouth to the air for a long time after use.

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